Posted by: worshipguitarguy | August 8, 2006

The Future of In Ear Monitor Frequencies

Bwack, the drummer for the David Crowder Band sent this email out to the members of his message board last week.  If you use IEM’s or wireless mics, take a look…


i just got this in an email from my shure rep…

Hello I need your help. Some of you may know that there is legislation underway to auction off TV band spectrum that could seriously impact our wireless systems capabilities. The bill is called HR5252. (You can check this out , pending legislation for more details) Shure, Inc. has been lobbying strenuously in Washington to amend this bill to ensure that our wireless microphones and systems will continue to work . We have the ear of an Illinois Senator , Richard Durbin, who is willing to help us in this fight. He needs ammunition. I am asking pastors of influential churches to write to him (using our form letter or your own edited version) to let him know how important this issue is to we who are very dependent upon our wireless products.

Willow Creek is one of the churches who has already responded to the request and is writing a strong response. Please, we need your help. Get this to as many church leaders as possible, as soon as possible. We still have time to influence this legislation in a positive way. Send a letter to Senator Richard Durbin and your own senator as well. Please , send a copy of your letter to so that we can see track the number of letters being written. We appreciate this so much.

Shure, Inc.
ATTN: Gino Sigismondi
5800 W. Touhy Ave.
Niles IL 60714


Doug Gould
Senior Market Developer
Shure, Inc.


and then this…

Hello, and thank you for helping Shure deliver such an important message to the Church Sound Check community. I’m Terri Johnson, Shure’s Marketing Communications Director in the U.S., and the point-person currently responsible for the communications to the audio industry on the “white spaces” issue.

Since your post last night, we have received many phone calls and emails with questions on the issue. In order to efficiently deliver this information, we have created a short document on answering the commonly asked questions. I have detailed the information below.


“White Spaces” Issue

Shure thanks all of you for your interest and desire to help support our efforts to ensure continued successful wireless microphone operation in the “broadcast” bands. To get more information on the “White Spaces” issue, please visit our database of frequency asked questions at:

Click on “Find An Answer” and then choose “Information on FCC ‘White Spaces’ Proposal.”


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