Posted by: worshipguitarguy | August 23, 2006

Jason Solley and Jack Parker’s Setup

The following Links are to the guitar gear setup of Jason Solley and Jack Parker from the David Crowder Band. 

Jason Solley  |  Jack Parker

I know the guys have made some changes to their setup since these pages were created…  From the top of my head, Jason’s replaced his Line 6 DL4 with a Boss DD-20,   and at times, he’s carried a Boss GT-6 with him.  Both Jack and Jason now have added Anderson Atoms (custom built by the amazing Tom Anderson) to their guitar lists, and I believe they’re both using Boss OD-20’s for overdrives. 

Another DC*B gear article… (Looks like the guys have an official Roland/Boss sponsorship.)



  1. I have a question for the guitar player that solos during ” we won’t be quiet”. I’m not really sure who plays that part. But anyway. My question is that when u r playing that solo what r u using. Scales, arpeggios ect. And what scale, major, minor, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic ? Or something else. Anything u can do to help will be greatly apreciated

    • Pretty Sure that’s Ted Nugent…

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