Posted by: worshipguitarguy | August 24, 2006

Thank You!

It’s been a month since Worship Guitar Guy started up… and looking back, all I can say is WOW!!! 

I started this site simply to discuss some practical info on playing worship guitar in the local church… but I had no idea it would grow like it has.   Along the way I’ve been so excited to hear thoughts, compliments, and comments from everyone who’s stopped by.  I can’t tell you how awesome you all have been!

But I have a favor to ask.  I want the content put up on WGG to reflect the questions and things you want to talk about.  If there are any topics you’re interested in, drop a comment here or e-mail me (gerry_leslie at hotmail dot com) and I’ll do my best to work them in.  (If there are topics I don’t have a good handle on, I’ll grab some people who are better prepared than me to answer them.)   

Also, because of what’s happened here, we’re making some really cool plans for the future of WGG.  As things come together, I’ll let you know more.

Again, thank you for letting me share this journey with you all!

– Gerry



  1. As a worship leader who plays acoustic and virtually always plays five or six string chords shapes, I would be interested in the 2,3 or 4 string shapes that you commonly play. Which ones sound the best to you? Which combinations sound the best together? That type of thing. Thanks.

  2. I’d love to see a post discussing leading worship with an electric guitar – not just being in the band, but actually leading. Especially stuff about strumming vs lead playing, sounds/tones to use for strumming, etc…

  3. Hey Dave and Mike,

    I’ve noted both requests, and they’re very good topics! Mike, look for the 2-3 string shape discussion in an upcoming series called UK inspired worship. (I’m having to record some demo parts so I’ll do it as quick as I can….) David, I’ll definitely deal with that, plus I’ll talk to some of my friends who lead worship on electric to get some feedback from them as well.

  4. How about some stuff on “when not to play”. I’d love some stuff to help teach my team on working out when it’s better not to play, and how to play really sparsely, if at all.

  5. I’m right with David King. A post discussing leading worship with an electric guitar would be a nice thing.

    Perhaps some stuff about sounds, effects, amps, etc would be nice too. Because, for beginners, electric guitars and have a good sound is a jungle. I particullary appreciate your posts on the guitarists of Delirious and U2.

    Thanks for your blog ! Great Resource !

  6. Hey Gerry,
    Mitch Bohannon here… the cut capo guy…
    This is my first visit to your site here. Looks good! God bless you in your ministry!

    In Him,

  7. just keep it up and never stop. ever.

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