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Worship Meme

I usually don’t do this stuff, (myspace bulletin’s anyone?  😉  )  But when my friend from down under sent this up, (thanks Rodd), it was to intriguing to pass up. Below is his explanation of a Meme, then next are my answers.


Firstly, a very brief piece of education. Thanks to wikipedia, a brief explanation of the term meme refers to “a unit of cultural information that can be transmitted from one mind to another.” Stick with me: For a while now there’s been a blog post appearing all over the place called a book meme. So I got to thinking, why not do one on worship music? Here’s how it works. I answer a standard set of questions, then ping three others to do the same. I link to their blog, they link to mine. Simple! Oh, and if you don’t have a blog, post your comments here.

Here goes:

1. One worship song that has changed your life. “Here I Am to Worship”. Amazingly beautiful, this song contains an honest childlike view of worship.  Donnie, the WL I’ve played with longer than anyone goes as far as to call this song the “Just as I Am” of our generation.  Some may disagree, but I don’t think he’s too far off. 

2. One worship song that you rarely get tired of playing. “Not to Us” by Chris Tomlin.  This song’s almost become an anthem for our band.  One of the biggest reasons why is it reminds us so eloquently of what worship is truly about, bringing glory to God!  (Plus I love the high chimey guitar riffs too… 😉  ) 

3. One worship song you wish had never been written. This could be a long list… seriously though, I realize that countless WL’s have poured themselves into writting works that adequately express their feelings toward God, so I feel guitly for ripping some of them…

I’d have to agree with Rodd that the “Jesus is my boyfriend” thing gets me.  My nomination is Breathe.  I know it’s one of the favorite worship songs at many churches, but I feel it’s lacking in many respects and borderlines on the Jesus is my boyfriend thing.  (Don’t believe me?  close your eyes and imagine Point of Grace singing the song… …point made.)

4. Best worship experience you’ve ever had. A couple of years ago, we were leading worship at a Jr. High summer camp.  The day before leaving for it, we learned my mom had breast cancer, so going in was a heavy thing for me.  Throughout the week, we had some tension between some of the camp staff, and even some of us in the band too.  Come Friday night, the last service, nothing was coming together.  None of us were on the same page getting ready.  We finally just walked away, went to a room upstairs, feel on our knees and faces and asked God to do what He wanted.  When worship started, our WL just went up the the piano by himself and started leading everone in some simple choruses.  As the evening went on, each band member grabbed a lit candle, went up and stood around the piano while the students were worshipping.  We had an awesome time of people sharing, and prayers going up for needs, then with our candles, we ended with Here I Am to Worship.

5. Worship songs you wish there were more of.  I’m a huge fan of songs that discuss the darker side of humanity.  Looking throughout the Psalms, 2/3rd’s of them are about pain, such as David crying out to God for rescue.  Many of the songs from Delirious’ Cutting Edge Albums, (Find Me in the River, When All Around is Fallen, All I Want is You), Lifehouse’s “Everything”, and Sufjan Stevens “O God Where Are You Now” have that feel too them.  (And dare I say it, U2’s Wake Up Dead Man?) Unfortunately, I think most churches would be afraid to incorporate some of these into their services.

 6. Pass it on.



  1. Gerry,

    Thanks for posting your comments, man. Good point about the type of songs that should be. I included a song from Psalm 61 this weekend into our service and, instead of inviting people to sing, presented it and challenged them to be honest about the current state of their relationship. Sometimes you just feel ‘dead’ and need to share even this experience with God.

    Thanks also for stepping outside of what you normally do to post the log.

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