Posted by: worshipguitarguy | October 11, 2006



While checking the site this morning, this little bit of news was brought to my attention….



  1. Congrats… it’s a great blog; very informative.

  2. well done gerry. congratulations

  3. yep..thats how I found your blog. Are you a christian?


  4. hey Gerry,

    could you e-mail, me… i really want to talk to you about leading worship.. i think you would be of tremendous help to me.

  5. Hey there

    keep up the good work!!



  6. gotta luv that!

  7. Too right!

    You deserve it mate.

    This is a great blog – very useful, well written and funny too.

  8. PS I did not write that last entry at 5:18am. It’s 11:18 am here!

  9. Wow good job Gerry. This blog has really TAKEN off.

  10. When I even dared to mention my blog rating on, I was left just short of being crucified by the rest of the iblog community for being so self-centered and competitive. It escalated into such a blog war (I stopped commenting after the first couple of posts, though)that my rating went to number 1 in a day!

    How ironic is that!

    Anyway, thanks for a great and informative read.

  11. Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for the blog link!


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