Posted by: worshipguitarguy | October 29, 2006

One CRAZY Weekend

Sorry about no Friday post y’all.  This weekend was Disciple Now weekend at my home church… it’s the biggest event of the year for our youth group… so the past five days, I’ve been all but sleeping there.  And it was definitely a good challenge for myself and our band.

First, we brought in a worship leader for the weekend named Lilia Griffin ( , ).  She doesn’t travel with a band, so we backed her up for the weekend.  If you remember my post about music theory part 2, it was huge this weekend.  Our first opportunity to practice with Lilia was Friday afternoon before our first service.  We changed the keys on many of the songs for this weekend because of Lilias vocal range.  Also, she introduced several originals from a coming worship release of hers, so we had to learn those on the fly.  So it was definitely not a cruise control weekend for us as a band.  We had several sound issues and equipment failure problems over the weekend, but all in all it was powerful.  (Begin shameless plug) If you get a chance, check out her sites and read her story.  She travels all over the US, and is a fabulous songwriter, so if you need someone for a coming event, drop her a message! (End shameless plug)

As a note, Tuesday’s post is written by Jon Chema, one of the students in our youth ministry and a member of our youth band.  He’s going to periodically write a series of posts for all you bass players out there… 



  1. nice post, and good to hear that all went well. I do the same thing as Ms. Griffin, and I am currently band-less as well. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to go to an event and play with musicians who are knowledgeable and flexible … and on the flip-side how frustrating it can be when it’s the opposite. I always get a little worried when a youth minister or event coordinator says “oh, you need someone to play insert instrument here? we’ve got someone who has done that.”

    I had a D-Now a couple of weeks ago in the Kansas City metro (kansas side), and i actually had TWO different groups of musicians for Friday and Saturday night’s services. Since I live in the KC metro, I was able to rehearse an extra night before Friday’s service, but then Saturday’s service was with a whole new crew. We only had about four hours together before Saturday’s service, and they were such talented musicians the only hitch in the music was from ME! For some reason, I had completely changed the arrangement of one of the songs, and once we got there I totally forgot that I had done it.

    Do not take quality, talented musicians for granted. As the leader of a group, don’t miss the chance to tell them how much you appreciate them. They are definately worth it.

    And, if you are a talented musician, take time to help other musicians improve their skills and confidence.

    oops, i didn’t set out to get it this long. =)

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