Posted by: worshipguitarguy | November 7, 2006

Line 6 Guitar Port

My Impressions: 

First, a little background on me with modeling gear.  When I began playing guitar, I used a Fender Solid State amp with a Boss GT3 effects unit.  As time passed, I began to notice how thin and brittle the overdriven tones on the unit were… and I’d heard great things about the POD 2.0.  So I replaced the GT-3 with the POD.  I have to say, the Line 6 stuff was worlds away from the other modeling gear I’d played.  But I was still pretty disappointed.  Overdriven tones, especially with Class A style amps seemed weak and muddy.  I’d run the POD through both an amp and direct into a quality PA, but I couldn’t seem to improve the tone.  So I broke down and purchased my Orange AD-15 and single effect units… and have been playing them ever since.

Last Christmas, I bought a Line 6 Guitar Port.  It was really a purchase on a whim, and it sat largely unused for .  My original thoughts were to use it as a practice tool, since it’s completely unpractical for me to play my live setup at home… (I live in a condo with neighbors on both sides…  plus hauling my gear out and putting it away for 15-30 minutes of playing isn’t really worth it.)   

Since using the Guitar Port more in the past few months, I’ve really begun to love it.  For recording purposes it’s great.  I have the Sonoma Riff Tracker software that came with it, and it’s a great sketchpad for doing basic recording of ideas.  While not Pro Tools (not by a long shot), you can use the built in Drums on Demand to lay down basic ideas, then overdub bass and multiple guitar parts on top to see how different sounds can shape the flow of a song.  The simplicity of the recording process lets you focus more on experimentation instead of setup and getting your tone to come through. 



  1. Great post Gerry, I have heard people rave about the Guitar ports. Line6 really makes some great stuff. Can you say Bass POD as a future purchase? lol

  2. Or Possibly a Pod XTL

  3. Truth is if I was flying to play somewhere and I didn’t know what gear was waiting for me on the other end, I’d definitely want to carry an XTL with me… Line 6 hit a home run with it.

  4. how much did you pay for that?

  5. It was a little over $100 if I remember right Jamon…

  6. The only downside is you have to pay extra for all the additions… to get it up to the full POD XT level. Truth be told, if you want all that stuff, I’d just go directly with the XT Live, and hook it in through Gearbox.

  7. Of course nothing beats the tone of vintage analog pedals. They hold something special that digital/analog pedals seem to lack.

  8. I am currently using the XT Live and an Atomic Amp in worship exclusively. For those looking for solid worship guitar tone on a budget I highly recommend the XT Live. You can run it direct to the PA which sound engineers love. If you want to warm the tone up a bit the Atomic does that nicely as it was created for just that purpose.

  9. Does the POD have a setting that will let me get the guitar tone for that guy from Trixter? How about Poison?


  10. Only if you wear spandex, makeup, and 10 pounds of hairspray when turning the knobs on it… 😛

  11. I think Tony secretly has Trixer and Slaughter bootlegs…..

    Does that Line6 port work on PC or Mac….don’t kick me off of here, but I have a PC.

  12. Uh, no.

  13. He He He, I burned mine in 10th grade…

    West, yeah the GP and XTL work with Mac or PC. And hey, I have a dirty little secret, I’m a PC user too. 😉

  14. Anybody with any experience with the Boss GT-8 VS the Pod XTL? I am afraid I made the wrong purchase with the GT-8. How about the XTL downloads – user patches. Any good?

  15. I’m college aged recording guru on a tight budget. I have loved my set up that i have now (with a few minor difficulties). I’ll just come out and say that i HATE my line 6 tone port. haha. Sry for the brutality. I had a few problems with both of the ones I had. It may just be because I am overpowering the source, but i get a nice little annoying clicking sound of the current going through the device. (if anyone wants mine..i’ll sell it for a neat price…new in box just email me lol). I can say if you can get your hands on a semi nice board (even without USB I just run my through my microphone out…mine is a little Yamaha and i run a CAD mic) and Adobe Audition or Audacity you’ll be good to go. I have had a lot of sucess and a good experience with all of it.

  16. I use an XTL in worship, either with my acoustic (for chorus and some eq), and also in conjunction with a Line 6 Variax 500.

    I love the XTL, and have been very pleased with it. I don’t get to use it to its full potential, but I love the basic sounds. I love the Matchless models and the Plexi, oh the Plexi!

    When I compare them to the real thing it sounds, oh wait, I CAN’T AFFORD THE REAL THING! It just sounds good to me.

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