Posted by: worshipguitarguy | November 24, 2006

Two Podcasts to Check Out

Hey, bcause of Thanksgiving, I didn’t have a chance to write a real post this week, so I thought I’d bring up two of my favorite podcasts related to worship, “The Bald Worship Leader” and “The Worship Leader Podcast.”  Both podcasts are awesome complements for each other, Phil Ayres from the BWL focus more on the technical or practical component of worship while Dan Overholt focuses more on the spiritual and abstract side of worship leading.  Both podcasts are available through iTunes, just run a search for them and download.  Also check out both websites, (they’re listed in my blogroll to the left,) and welcome Phil, (BWL) back to the world of blogging after a crazy season of life! 



  1. Well, I checked out bald worship leader, and well, He’s really Bald! I checked him out click a few(well, alot of links) and really enjoyed what I saw. I like the Video Podcasts. You should video tutorials and such. I really like the sites you posted. Thanks!

    Adam of Colorado

  2. Hey guitar guy,
    Thanks for asking, all is well in KS, busy but good. Haven’t seen Heather much lately, she has a lot on her plate but it is all good. Keep up the blog, I really appreciate what you have to offer.

  3. i have a qusetion, how did you edit the picture on the top of your blog? I know how to change the picture, but how do you change the text? thank you

  4. just kidding

  5. Good call, I’ve been a big fan of The Bald Worship Leader for some time now. The Worship Leader Podcast is very insightful spiritually. Another podcast that is related, but entirely different is the Ragamuffin Soulcast, which I also enjoy.

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