Posted by: worshipguitarguy | December 28, 2006

Help Robbie Seay Out!

I had no intentions of interrupting my wonderful Christmas break from posting, but when this news came across the wire, I had to pass it on.

If any of you have heard the music of Robbie Seay and the RSB, you know what a great songwriter Robbie is, and how talented the band is.  Well, just before Christmas, a grinch decided to break into Robbie’s house and steal his guitars!  So unfortunately, he’s without them at the moment.  😦  So if you’re hanging out in the greater Houston Area and happening to be running the pawn shops, keep your eyes open for RS’s guitars.  The info and serial numbers are listed in a blog post on the bands Myspace.

I’m sure Robbie would greatly appreciate it!



  1. Are you serious? That’s so low of someone to take them. I’m sure he can buy new ones though. lol

  2. Watch Guitar Center too… I found my Les Paul for sale there a couple weeks after it was stolen…

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  4. Nice new blog layout. I am love’n it!

  5. Jon, it’s not that low … I got my guitars and gear stolen from a CHURCH!!!! I had left them overnight and thought they would be safe in a CHURCH!!!

    I think that has to be close to the lowest of lows.

  6. It is sad, about 2 years ago a guy at our church had a vintage strat stolen from our church, while the pastor was preaching! (It was between the worship music and the end of the service.) Unfortunately, they had to install security cameras throughout our church after 2-3 musical instruments were stolen during services.

  7. After 10 years of gigging all over, the ONLY place I have ever had gear stolen has been from a church…

  8. Looks like the jinx bug struck.

    I do some video production for events and promos, and shortly after posting this message about my music gear being stolen from a church, I had two mini DV cameras stolen from another church.


  9. Man Jamon, we’re going to have to get a security vault for all your stuff at church!!!

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