Posted by: worshipguitarguy | January 5, 2007

Warning: Crazy Weekend Ahead!

Hey everyone…  My regular Friday post is AWOL because we’re gearing up for a big weekend of playing.  Our good friend Lilia is coming up from Columbus, Ohio (heard of the place Tony? 😉  )  to play with us at our church’s Saturday night service, and then we’ve been invited to play at another  church for their Sunday morning worship.  So instead of the usual post, I thought I’d share what’s happening throughout the weekend here in real time.  I’d be interested in hearing any thoughts and feedback for us as we go through everything, from setup and prep, to playing, teardown and doing it all over again.  I’m sure some things will happen this weekend that will generate some great discussion here.   

As a heads up for coming posts, Chema will have another bass post Tuesday, then we’ll jump into a multi-part series on making the most out of your practice time. 



  1. Hey buddy, I am having a look at your blog every day. The past two weeks was the same for me and my band, loading and unloading, playing and dismantling. It was great fun and the audience appreciates. You know I fabricated my new pedal board of which I will post some pics on my blog. Peace to you mate and keep up the good work. Hilary – Malta

  2. Why yes, I do happen to reside in the thriving metropolis of Columbus, in which one can already find Ohio State Buckeye party cakes / cup cakes / etc on display so Buckeye fan can stock up for their big-game party… although the game is not until Monday.

    Being a native Cornhusker, I could not care much less who wins Monday.

    Have fun playing out this weekend…

  3. Yes, I am sure some crazy things are bound to happen! lol

  4. just found the site. i love it!

  5. Thanks Kuan, and welcome!

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