Posted by: Jon | January 27, 2007

Day 1

Ok so tonight we will be playing at our church’s Saturday Night Service. (SNS for short). We have practiced for the last 3 weeks together, and hope it works out tonight. Derek, a young adult worship leader from a differnt church will be joining us, along with our drummer’s brother, Scott all the way from Nashville, Tennesee. To put it simple, there will be a lot of musicians on stage tonight, thus making it imperitive to be perfectly on time, and in key. I will post pictures soon.

1:05 PM- Arrive at the church. Gerry is there as well, and we begin to set up the stage, and lighting trusses. Apparently, one of the intelligent lights is giving us trouble (not recieving a signal). After lowering the truss we reset it and it seems to work fine. Unfortunatly, we discover another problem. One of the winch cables for the truss is twisted and is causing friction against itself. We realize the danger of the problem, and have to unfortunatly lower and unhook the truss. (taking some extra time.)

1:45 PM- The rest of our band begins to arrive, and we begin the long process of setting up our large arsenal of gear 😉

2:38 PM – The band and I begin running through our set list, and there is some confusion over the order. Also, Gerry’s amp seems to be very thin sounding and there are some issues with monitor levels.

2:52 PM – Our sound guy, Marty arrives! He, along with Gerry manage to correct some of the problems involving the EQ’s and monitor levels.

3:20 PM – We finally begin running through the setlist, and accomplish a lot. Scott, our singer arrives and things are going good.

5:54 PM – Gerry and I peace out, and make a quick run to Subway for dinner. Unfortunatly, the word “Quick” does not seem to be in the employees vocabulary, and it takes nearly 20 minutes to get our food.

6:38 PM – We go on stage and play flawlessly except for a misunderstanding during the pastor’s prayer (Really didnt know what was going on at that point). Overall, the worship set was in my opinion very smooth and full of dynamics.

7:57 PM – Service is over, and we begin the process of teardown. Fun, Fun! lol……. NOT!

9:23 PM- Leave church and return home.

And that…is the typical routine of a musician. Overall, in my opinion the night went pretty well. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing, and it sounded very good. I feel very confident about our upcoming performance tommorow night. We will keep you posted on tommorows events as they unfold.



  1. where/who do you tour with again?

  2. Actually, I don’t tour with anyone. I just said “tour” as sort of a joke due to the fact that we are having a very busy weekend.

  3. You remember what happened last night better than I did! 😛

  4. OK so I’m a newbie to your blog here and know you do a lot of practical pieces here. I’m curious, is it typical for ya’ll to run through the set without the singer? I mean does the staggering thing help?

    The night looks sweet man!

  5. We ran through our whole set weeks in advace almost entirely instrumentally. Then the week before the performance we met our singers the day of the Saturday service. We met about 3 hours before and put it all together. Typically, when playing for our church’s Saturday night service we normally pull it all together the day of. Most of the time it works out just fine, but sometimes it can be a real nightmare. 😛

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