Posted by: Jon | January 28, 2007

Day 2: Elevation

Ok, so we played last night at our church’s Saturday night service. Everything seemed to go pretty well, and we are pumped for tonight’s events. Today we will be playing at a county-youth event known as “Elevation”. Numerous churches throughout the area will take part of the event at three different locations. We will be playing at the largest of the three, and somewhere between 600-1000 youth are expected to take part in the event.

12:15 PM- Gerry picks me up, and we head over to the church to set up our gear.

1:00 PM- We arrive at church and begin the long process of setting up our gear. Today I found out first hand, the amazing amount of gear that a Honda Civic can hold. lol

2:46 PM – After finally getting our gear set up, we finally begin the tedious process of setting monitor and house levels. Unfortunately, we encounter many hiccups as far as vocals distorting, lines buzzing, and monitor levels being set too low. We finally do however, set everything up and get it calibrated to the best of our abilities.

3:35 PM – We start running thru several of our songs.

4:50 PM – The band meets backstage and runs over the game plan for the night

6:18 PM – The band and I take stage, and start the first half of our worship set.

6:50 PM – We meet backstage and “debrief”. We will now wait about 2 hours until we return to play our second half of the worship set. I will keep you posted on the remainder of the night’s events.



  1. We should have a pack off! Your Honda Civic vs. my wife’s Nissan Altima! HAHAHA. I’m amazed at how big her trunk is.

  2. I’m guessing there’s no comparison there…. 😛

  3. hahah, yeah all i know is i had about 2 inches of leg room on sunday… thanks to all that darn stuff. lol

  4. Would you show the guitar neck in relation to the five positions for c major scale like you did for the g pentatonic minor. Thanks , Gordon

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