Posted by: worshipguitarguy | April 10, 2007 New Video in Daniel’s World

If you still haven’t signed up for, get over there and do it!  Daniel Carson, Chris Tomlin’s lead guitar player has just put together a super practical video on his effects and how everything ties together.  He walks through the chain in a way that’s easy to understand and he really illustrates well how each effect can be used in a worship environment!  The video is a real awesome resource!



  1. very cool resource. thanks for sharing.

  2. I somehow can’t seem to find it. Is it in the “videos” section?

  3. Hey Bill, once logged in, click the link for “Daniel’s World” in the lower right corner of the page, of the two videos there, it’s the top one.

  4. I was looking forward to a new one on that site. Great find!

  5. I’ve found that entire website to be helpful in worship leading. Daniel sharing his effects and how they tie together is just icing on the cake :).

  6. Hasn’t that video been up for a while now?

  7. Is it me? or the website seems kind of glitchy, cant play some videos!

  8. I’ve had the same problem Tony, it locks up for me right after the ProCo Rat. The previous video also locked up for a long time too.

    Brent, I’m not sure, I’m asssuming it’s been up there at least a bit… I’ve been awol from forumworld lately. 😉

  9. Cool, simple setup…really, his only effects on that board are delay and overdrive. Compression and the SonicStomp as well, but not really “effects”. Can’t believe he has the DD20 for only one song. I wonder why he doesn’t just use that to replace the DD5. I’ve had both and the DD20 can do the same thing as the DD5 and then some. I use it for my main delays and the DL4 for “special delays” and for looping.

  10. I probably missed it, but I noticed that he only had one volume pedal, and that was for the amp with distortion so he could play clean through the vox. However, what if i he needed to play softer through the Vox? Does the PA handle that, or what? I guess you could just use the volume knobs on the guitar, but that seems more of hassle. Actually, I don’t know what to do, what do you guys think?

  11. Hey Tim,

    It wasn’t real clear from the video, but I’m wondering whether the amp switcher is an A/B thing, or an on off thing? (Where the switches just turn on or off whether the signal is going to a particular amp instead of switching between the two.)

    That would mean there’s one volume input for both amps… come to think of it, it really wouldn’t matter. If that switch box has a mono input, the volume pedal would work for both.

    Hey stop over and ask your question in the WF forums, Daniel pops in from time to time so he may answer it.

    (P.S. The entire video wasn’t playing back for me before, at the end of the video I saw you’re right, the volume pedal controls the FW amp.)

    Personally in this case, I’d use my volume knob (and my hands) to control my volume levels. Truth is though, those guys are usually so dialed in with their sound techs that it probably isn’t a huge issue, although I’m sure Daniel controls all his in-song dynamics.

  12. So I have to pay for a membership in order to view the video?? Am I missing something??

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