Posted by: worshipguitarguy | April 16, 2007

Random Stuff

echo-p1.jpgTone Core Test
Ok, a coupe of days ago, Jay mentioned he had a huge oscillation problem after running half a dozen or so Line 6 tone core pedals in a single chain.  Since I just purchased a Echo Park and already have a Verbzilla, I decided to put things to the test.  First, all connections were using George L’s, and power was run from both a VooDoo Labs Pedal Power, and a VS 1-spot, to test both configs.  After doing it, I actutally also noticed a slight oscillating sound although not to the extent of the one Jay described.  So I doubt this problem is an isolated one.  On the good side though, my oscillating frequencies were low enough in volume to control, (truth is they’re barely noticeable, even when quiet. )

(BTW, as an idiot note, the Tone Core pedals run on standard 9V 200ma power, not the larger 9V 1200ma that the Stomp Box modelers are run on.  Being the rocket scientist I am, I thought I’d heard somewhere that the Power supplies between the two were the same.)

Planet Waves Cable Station
Rewiring my pedalboard this weekend meant replacing some cables as I shifted pedal order a bit.  (Also I wanted to make it possible for me to pull my Big Muff back out to use.)  Since GC no longer carries George L’s I went for the Planet Waves cable station.  The jury is still out on how they hold up,  (My George L’s have been extremely reliable,) but putting them together is easy, especially compared to George L’s. 

If you’ve ever assembled DIY cables you know that at the start, you may have to take several shots at it to get a cable right.  I got all the PW cables on first try, because of the way the connector heads are put together.  Tonally I really can’t tell a difference with my sound, so I think they pass the test.   

Think Before You Wing It
Ok, we had one of those oops moments this weekend.  I had some friends come in from outside our church to lead worship this week and they were awesome.  But for a closing song, we were really drawing blanks on what to do.  Well, brilliant me, the song “Can Anybody Hear Her” by Casting Crowns popped into my head.  The worship leader knew it, problem was I’d only heard it on the radio… I’d never tried to play it before. 

Well, that didn’t discourage me.  Having heard the radio version, I knew I could nail it without practicing.  The problem was since service was still going on, I didn’t have the chance to see if the key I grabbed would work for our worship leader.  Afterwards, I joked that next time we did something like that, I’d just bring a balloon full of helium to solve the problem.  😉



  1. I’m glad to hear about the Planet Waves Cable Station, I’ve been thinking of trying it out but haven’t seen many reviews on it.

  2. Nice blog!

  3. What’s your opinion of the Echo Park so far? Have you had any of the hissing problems that some people have complained about? This one is on the short list of possible delays to replace my DD-3.

  4. I suggest picking up a Boss DD-5 with a tempo switch off Ebay. I bought one a few months back for the dotted eighth note setting and it has been a blast.


  5. Hey worshipguitarist, The jury’s still out for me on the Echo Park. So far, I’ve been pretty happy. I haven’t been able to quite get the dotted eighth sound out of it I’d like, but I’ve only spent about 45 min with it since getting it.

    As far as the DD-5 or DD-6 option, I’ve really only played them in GC or once in a while when someone brings one around, so I’m def not an expert on comparing them. I’d say if you’re looking for more diversity in delay sounds, the Line 6 stuff is awesome, but Boss does what it does well…

  6. Yeah, definitely check out the Line 6 DL4 delay modeler as well. I wouldn’t leave home without it.

  7. hey fellers,
    i have owned the dl4/echopark/dd20/dd5/dd3 (keeley mod) and am currently sporting the echo park combined with a trex replica. the replica is the bomb for the dotted 8th thing, the only issue with it is it is not stereo and it costs out the wazoo. It does have a high freq dampening button built in that allows you to give it a little more of a vintage vibe. Now, the echo park, it is a cool sounding pedal, and is amazingly flexible for such little money, but it does introduce some hiss into the signal path. I love the mod function on the DL4 and was excited about being able to introduce that into every patch on the echo park, but the mod on it leaves me a little flat. On the upside, they did address the volume drop that the DL4 has when engaged, but in my opinion it may be a little much.

    The DD20 is a great pedal, it colors the sound in a way that makes it not quite as cool as a dl4 to me, but the mod function and the front pedal functionality rock. If I was going to have only 1 delay, I think i may opt for it, since it seems to have a better working life than the DL4.

    BUT!! Eventide is producing a new pedal that should ship end of may that I am hoping will be the bomb! Stereo in and out, output volume, multiple types of delay, multiple presets, $499 list and it is Eventide!! Tc Electronics is putting out the Nova Delay, which is cool, but is limited on presets.

    Anywhoo…not sure if anyone cares about this, but I thought I would put in my 2cents!! Thanks for taking the time to do this website!!! Great resource!!!

  8. hey as far as the echo park goes, i think for everything other than dotted 8th delay its pretty good. However i wouldnt recommend it as your only delay pedal on your board. Like most of worship guitarist i would say that you got to have 2 delay pedals. But I am a delay snob so i run three lol. But if you only have the money to buy one, i would go with the dl4. Very versitile and amazing to me. Holds up well to. I have never heard any wierd noises either. any questions blog back!

  9. Um…I have a question about the MT-2 metal zone pedal. Is it too strong for worship music? because I’ve seen other youthgroups using it.

  10. cool forum! as the guitarist for our church i also like to do a lot of delays especially “dotted 8ths” and the Echo Park hits the spot. i am using a Boss ME-70 as my main effects unit. yea, i know it’s got everything on it but i am having a hard time getting the “dotted 8th” on it, so i got myself an MXR Carbon Copy to enhance the delay on my Boss ME-70. it worked for a while. one day, i borrowed the DL4 from a friend. and it was a killer delay, so i bought myself the Echo Park since it’s almost the same as the DL4 but smaller! Now i am running (in the order) Fender Blues Jr > Boss AC-3 > Line 6 Echo Park > MXR Carbon Copy > Boss Me-70 > Yamaha RGX312 Guitar. i am planning to buy a Boss RC-2 (to be modded with tap/tempo) and the Line 6 Relay G50 when it comes out! Now i just gotta make a pedalboard same as the F16 Lyt Pedalboard but it will be 18 x 18.

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