Posted by: worshipguitarguy | April 24, 2007

The Long Lost Delay Post

This one was sitting in the vault for a while…  a BIG shout out goes to Ugur Taner for taking the time to record all these clips for me.

What follows is a single guitar part with no delay, then that same part with a variety of different rhythmic settings, like half note, quarter, dotted eighth, sixteenth, etc.

For setup, I believe Ugur told me he was using a Stratocaster run through a Vox AC-15.  The tempo on the clips was set to 104 BPM.

Original File Without Delay
Whole Note
Half Note
Dotted Half Note
Triplet Half Note  
Quarter Note
Dotted Quarter Note
Triplet Quarter Note
Eighth Note
Dotted Eighth Note
Triplet Eighth Note
Sixteenth Note
Dotted Sixteenth Note
Triplet Sixteenth Note



  1. Cool

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  2. Thanks for the upload. This has been a big help in understanding delay for me.

  3. killer post, gerry.

  4. The links for eighth note, triplet eighth note, and sixteenth note are not present–if you mouse over them, you’ll see that they link to the wrong files. The correct link for the eighth note should be:
    And for the sixteenth note:
    [audio src="" /]

    Let me know if you can figure out the correct link for the triplet eighth file.

  5. Thanks Brian,

    I had an error in my code… it should be all set now.

  6. The links don’t work for me there seems to be no mp3 at the end of the link?

    am I doing something wrong?

  7. The links don’t work.

  8. I have a question, trying to figure out how to ask it.. I’ve heard what sounds like very fast alternate picking delayed sound on quite a few records. It’s usually very smooth, atmospheric and rythmic. I asked a guy in a band who had it on their record what he was using and he said a Electro Harmonix Memory Man. I have a Memory Man and haven’t been able to quite get that sound. Anyway, my two theories are either very fast alternate picking with a lot of delay or by running two delays, a short and a long. Anybody know what I’m talking about??

  9. Found the answer.. I get the sound by using 2 delay pedals, setting one to dotted eighths and the other to quarter notes. Both of the pedals I use have tap tempos, which makes it much easier.

  10. how do you set the delay unit to triplets? i have a giga delay

  11. I just purchased an Eventide Timefactor. I want to learn how to tap dotted eighth notes with any BPM tempo. How do I count it out and tap it during a song, or listening to a certain tempo to get the U2 effect? Also, I was listening to all the different samples that you have (whole, half, etc). Is there a certain way to tap tempo those? This would be valuable information to lots of guitarists out here.

  12. Hey Boom,

    I just found this on the tech support section for the Timefactor:

    “The Delay BPM control determines how the master BPM tempo control affects the delay. When this is set to zero, the tempo setting has no effect on the delay time. To get a BPM setting of delay, set the normal delay parameter to zero, and set Delay BPM to the number of beats to which the delay should correspond. The settings are in 1/24 subdivisions of a quarter note. To get a quarter-note delay, the delay BPM should be set to 24/24. To get an eighth note delay, set this parameter to 12/24. A setting of 8/24 will give quarter note triplets.”

    That said, the subdivision for a dotted eighth delay, a la U2 would be 18/24, when you’ve tapped in quarter notes.

    I didn’t look real closely, but if you can set subdivisions greater than 24, here would be the settings:

    dotted quarter: 36/24
    Half: 48/24
    Whole: 96/24

    Or the easier thing to do there would be to just tap in half or whole notes.

  13. hey chris if you have a dd5 or dd6, you can actually do that without any other pedal. Let me know if you wanna know how.

    God Bless

  14. Hey Boom, if you’re still wanting to know how to tap the dotted eighth without a bpm, check out this post by Matt Huber:

  15. dboy1929, I would like to know how. I have a DD5 and have been trying to figure out the same general effect and have had no success. What to do?

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