Posted by: worshipguitarguy | April 27, 2007

News & Reviews, without the Blues

I know, I know, I shouldn’t quit my day job… I’m not expecting a call from Comedy Central anytime soon.

This week, I just purchased Musicademy’s Intermediate Worship Guitar series, (available through I’m planning on checking it out over the next few weeks and posting a review of it here. At $75 it has a steep price tag, but I’ve heard it’s a great resource.


I’m still working on the worship leading in a small church posts… so keep a look out for them.
Last night, I was invited over for dinner with WGG reader Bill Hembruch and his family. Bill’s been playing guitar for only a year of two, but he has an awesome ministry where he leads worship each week for a group of seniors living in a nursing home. It was so awesome to see how he’s taking the talent God’s given him and using it to impact people who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to participate in worship. Thanks for your ministry and encouraging spirit Bill, and keep it up!



  1. I purcahsed the course about a year ago or so. Lots of good info for a beginner. nothing new, but very well put together. One of the coolest parts is the CAGED chord sections as well as the gear section

  2. I just received disc 2 and 3 for mt birthday a few weeks back. Haven’t started it yet but definatly looking forward to finding some time to spend with it soon.

  3. Thanks for the recognition that one doesn’t need to lead in a large techo-enabled church to be a “worship guitarist”.

    I do play in church, but I also play acoustic for a mentally-challenged adult ministry every two weeks. I experience a more authentic response to the Spirit there than I ever have in a church.

    “Worship Leading” has come to denote someone who plays electric with tons of effects in front of a huge congregation, when it really comes in all shapes and flavours.

  4. Mr. Pages, I’d actually say that I think the heart of true worship leading (at this point I’m talking in the musical sense), really happens in a smaller group setting.

    My most powerful moments musically in worship have come with rooms of less than 20 people… 🙂

  5. My old band used to lead worship from time to time for the drug-and-alcohol recovery industry at a huge church in SoCal. We didn’t get paid and it was a small crowd in a small room, but ALWAYS a wonderful time of worship.

  6. did i say “industry”. i meant ministry. geez i should sleep more.

  7. Agree with the small group comment. I have recently been leading a group of about 10 and the worship in that environment has been more real that much of the mega church worship Ive been in involved with lately. I wonder if thats because you MUST be real. You cant hide on stage, behind fog and lights. I’m not saying all large venues do this but there is something special about the small intimate group worship.

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