Posted by: worshipguitarguy | May 3, 2007

National Prayer Day in America

Since today’s National Prayer Day in the States, I want to send up a prayer for all of you worship leaders and musicians out there.  I’ve just been blown away in the past few months by the amazing stories of how God has worked in all of your ministries… from North America, to the UK, Australia, Romania, France, Germany, Malta, Egypt, South Africa, the Philippines, India, South Korea, and Japan…  I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to see all of you working for God in each corner of the earth.  Keep it up, and you’ll be in my prayers….



  1. Thank you so much! We in Egypt really need your prayers right now. The enemy is trying all kinds of crazy stunts to stop the amazing things that God is doing here.

    Some friends of mine were ministering in Sudan last week. Their bus was ambushed and attacked, and three local believers and one other Egyptian were murdered. All my friends were spared, but two were injured. They will be back here next week.

    Also, a very good friend and a staff member at our church has gone missing. He has been gone since Tuesday and we have absolutely no clues, and no information on his whereabouts.

    We really need your prayers and they are much appreciated as the spiritual temperature increases.

  2. Have you guys heard of the global day of prayer planned for the 27 May 2007?

  3. Here’s the North American site for Global Day of Prayer:

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