Posted by: worshipguitarguy | June 19, 2007

AWOL Again

Man, sorry for being missing for so long.  My job’s taken up a considerable amount of time in the past month, so I haven’t had the chance to blog.  

 Unfortunately, Houston we have a problem…

I didn’t realize it but my credit card expired, and I didn’t get a chance to enter in my new number at my domain registrar… unfortunately, someone took advantage of it and sniped my domain name for the next three years, so I’ve lost my links to all my audio files on this site.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my name back at some point.  😦

 More posts coming soon though, I promise!



  1. Oh no! that really stinks. But just to let you know – your posts rock! You’re about the only guy that talks music AND worship I know of. Mostly, it’s either “famous worship dudes” talking about their schedules.

    So keep it up!

  2. aw man, that totally sucks. Perhaps they can work out a deal so you can get your stuff back? I really enjoy the stuff you put on as well; they’ve benefited me a lot. And I check here like everyday, hoping that you would post something new…. Good luck with your job and the schedule.

  3. Missed you man. David: check out Tony’s blog on the right side there under Blogroll called Fingerpainting 101 for other music AND worship blogs. Many others on the list are good as well. Thanks and best of luck.

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