Posted by: worshipguitarguy | November 13, 2007

Chords, Chords, and more Chords

Ok, I know I’m a couple of days late for this…  the last two weekends I’ve been playing alot around the area here…

But  have run across a phenomenal resource that’s too good not to share. 

Paul Baloche’s Acoustic Guitar DVD is a phenomenal resource I’ve been benefitting alot from lately.  If you don’t know who Paul is, he’s a worship leader who’s known for writing many of the songs you may sing week in and week out in your church.  One thing he really stands out in doing though is developing practical and easy to understand resources to help worship guitarists improve in their playing.

What I absolutely love about this DVD is Paul teaches you all kinds of alternate chords and voicings for you to incorporate in your playing.  Most of these additional voicings are easy for a beginner/intermediate player to pick up and start using pretty quickly, and it will add a ton of color to your sets.  (You can see most of the chord charts included in the companion workbook PDF link.)  And these chord voicings are extremely helpful for even electric guitar players, since it will help you explore more of the neck on your guitar, as a way of expanding your tonal vocabulary beyond just root position chords.

It just might be the best $30 you can spend right now…



  1. I agree with your appraisal of Paul’s resources. I have his video on electric guitar as well as 4 other DVDs in the modern worship series. If there is anyone out there in a worship team that is really wanting to create a “training culture” and help teach others how to do what we do, the Baloche DVDs are invaluable!!!

  2. I’ve got several of his DVD’s. They are indeed excellent. Now I wish he’d do a next level version of each…

  3. Yeah, great resources. I lead a band in Romania, and we ordered them for all of our instrumentists.

  4. This is not a real post gerry!!!!

  5. Another good resource for developing proficiency in guitar chords is “100 Chords Method.” It teaches you at least 100 chords in different forms by teaching two chords at a time. It has very structured drills and you can add your own chords as well, enhancing your musical vocabulary incredibly. It’s $50 but you can download a trial.

  6. Gerry does he give you any songs in the DVD or is it all instruction?

  7. Hey everybody, the Acoustic Guitar DVD is on sale for $25 right now, 11/30/07 9:19am Pacific time. Looks like the sale closes in 2 1/2 hours. If you were waiting for the price to come down… well, you got it!

    From an uncompensated acoustic guitar player.
    Keep strummin’,

  8. Duh! I’m such an airhead… The sale is still on. It seems that I have a way of seeing things a little off. The 1 1/2 hours is the length of the DVD. Why I didn’t see that in the first place is beyond me.


  9. I just found your blog. Very cool. I’m gonna subscribe to it right now.

    By the way, I’m selling almost all Paul Baloche’s training DVDs on eBay if anyone’s interested in buying them for cheap. They are all brand new, unopened.

    Go to

  10. Thanks “All About Worship”. Paul’s DVD is an excellent resource! As to the lack of WGG posts, you can expect much more in the future months to come. Both Gerry and I have been EXTREMELY busy over the last month, and we greatly apologize for the lack of posts.

    Worship Guitar Guy Blog

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