Posted by: worshipguitarguy | March 12, 2008

I’m taking over!

Hey everyone, this is Worship Guitar Guy’s sister – better known to the online community as naz.  It has come to my attention that my brother has been decidedly absent from the Worship Guitar Guy scene.  In fact, I do believe I have visited this blog more in the past month than he has, and considering the frequency with which I visit anything guitar related, that’s a supremely sad statement.

 I’ll be honest with you – I know practically nothing about guitars.  I know the difference between an electric and an acoustic, and that Gerry’s Strat is black while his Telecaster is teal, but that’s about it.  Pedals all look the same to me, and this talent/hobbie/obsession seems to require far more money than I’m willing to invest in something that does not require gasoline or an operating system.

So why am I posting on Worship Guitar Guy?  The answer is quite simple, really.  I’m tired of seeing the same post from the end of January, and if I’m tired of it then surely you loyal readers who actually have an interest in all things guitardom (a new word of mine – feel free to use it anywhere) must be sick of awaiting an update.

Thus, here is your update.  I can’t tell you anything about chords or gear or methods or any of that other madness, but I really just wanted to see how long it takes my brother and his associates to realize that this particular blog has been hijacked and resort to such drastic measures as posting themselves to resolve the issue of inactivity in this cyber domain.  (I’m such a pirate.)

So, place your bets, people…  How long do you think it’ll take for Gerry to realize his blog has been updated?  How long do you think it’ll be before you can read of my untimely demise at the hands of my brother online?

Even if I do not survive this not-so-clandestine effort, if it resulted in bringing a smile to your face and motivating my brother to resume his blogging activities, it was well worth the sacrifice.

If you don’t hear from Gerry soon, expect to hear from me!




  1. I caught you already… 😛

  2. Yeah, well, you gotta admit, it’s funny! And at least someone is updating your blog. 😛

  3. Well well well G that sounds like a challenge on behalf of your sis…

  4. I saw a new post on my RSS feed, and was so excited, and came over and..

    ..well, it’s still pretty exciting. We have terrorist activity!! Hostile takeover! Hostage situation! And lots of exclamation marks!

  5. LOL…. Good stuff…

    Let’s see if naz’s ploy works and she entices her brother to post something now. That would be good!

  6. Maybe Naz should help me out with what color I should choose for my next guitar. At least its something?

  7. Well, now, Jake, that depends on what kind of guitar you’re getting. I saw this absolutely beautiful Les Paul at Elderly’s (Gerry dragged me there) that was in the sunburst style, only it was blue. Now, I’m not one to go crazy over guitars, but I wanted that guitar!

    But if you’re going for a Fender or some comparable guitar… well, all I can say is don’t get a sparkly teal one, unless you want me to tease you about playing a girly guitar. Black is always a safe color, generally so is red… but if you want more advice than that I simply must know what model you’re looking for. 😉

    See, Gerry should bring me in as a consultant on these things. I did buy him the one guitar strap that everyone loves and wants to steal…

  8. how about opening this blog up to more writers/contributors if the updates are this sparse?

    thanks Naz for trying to do a little cpr on this blog.

  9. Jimi used lighter fluid….but it wasn’t a requirement, so thanks for the post.

  10. I beg introduce Website sale for electric guitars Super save today. –

  11. Rock on, naz.

    WGG, let’s see some posts! I miss them.

  12. Wow. I thought I was the only naz online.

  13. *lol* Nope. I actually get called naz in person by some friends… 🙂 I’ll have to add you as a myspace friend now… we can start our own “naz” community.

  14. And don’t forget Nas the rapper too…

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