Posted by: worshipguitarguy | June 4, 2008

Back by popular demand…

…well, okay, just by marse3 saying “BRING THE SISTER BACK!!!” (thanks, marse3) I am back to hijack the blog.  It’s been 2 months.  Mind you, I know how crazy worshipguitarguy’s life has been in the past 2 months because we share a lot of demands on our time, etc., being family and all, but still, 2 months is just way too long.  I’ve managed to update my own blog more often than that.

So, consider the blog hijacked.  Not that I’m going to be able to enlighten you about much related to guitars, but I’ll do what I can.

How about some guitar fashion?  Will that do?  For example, a few years ago I bought Gerry the best guitar strap – everyone says so and a few people have even tried to steal it.  (Can’t trust those worship guys, ya know…)  But there’s a story behind the guitar strap.  Let me explain.

One of Gerry’s guitars is a Telecaster.  It looks like this:

And while playing it, he was using a sun guitar strap that looks like this:

As you can see, they clash.  Terribly.  Red and yellow are generally not colors that you would pair with teal, and in this case it was quite the eyesore.  So what is a sister to do for her guitar-fashion-challenged big brother?  I rectified the situation.

He needed a strap that wasn’t too girly (Believe me, I was tempted to buy the sparkly silver and teal strap I saw…) and yet would compliment his Telecaster.  Here is my solution:

Sadly, I could not find a good image of the strap itself, and this is the best image I have of WGG using it with the teal guitar.  But, if you were able to see the details of this Jimi Hendrix strap (if any of you can find pictures, please let me know!!) you’d see that it is a multi-colored, striped strap with shades of teal.  It compliments the guitar quite nicely, and as I said before, is quite popular among WGG’s guitar-playing friends.

So, Guitar Fashion Tip #1: Make sure your guitar strap does not clash with your guitar, because if you’re playing in front of people like me, they’ll be so distracted by the mismatch that they won’t be able to pay attention to your playing.  (Tip #1.5 – If you’re still learning the guitar and kinda stink, get either a guitar strap that totally clashes, or one that’s way cool, so that people will be so distracted by your gear that they don’t notice how bad you are!)

Until next time…




  1. Do the rules regarding the mixture of black and brown apply to guitar? Some would say yes.

    For instance, if your acoustic guitar has black binding, a black strap is fine. Otherwise, stick to brown leather or one of those hemp straps (of the non-smoking variety, of course).

    If you play a black strat, better stay away from brown straps.

    A tobacco sunburst guitar breaks all the rules, so take your pick.

  2. I play a white guitar with a black strap – can’t really go wrong there, I think.

  3. I’ve got a simple black Ernie Ball nylon strap on each of my guitars. Nothing fashiony about it – it’s just what I’ve been using since high school.

    I remember back when I used to like to wear my guitar low (but it was really hard to play that way!) and those straps weren’t long enough, so I’d cut and sew two straps together. Now these straps come super-long by default. More bang for your buck!

  4. Ah, toneguru, were you not aware that some rules were meant to be broken? Now, playing a straight brown guitar and using a black strap, or vice versa, may be in poor taste. But I have seen some pretty fashionable guitar straps that incorporate both black and brown and thus would work with either color guitar. And as for the acoustic, WGG uses his sun strap there and it looks quite nice (but stick with the red, not the blue). You can get away with some color with an acoustic, you just have to have a discerning eye. For instance, stay with warmer colors, shades of red, orange, yellow, in general as they blend well with wood tones.

    Lindsay, a white guitar is just begging for some color, and there are so many options available since there’s very little that does not look good with white. I mean, I’d avoid rainbow striped straps unless you’re Mork or Mindy, but being a girl (I’m guessing here… ) you could do some things a guy just couldn’t get away with (which, personally, I don’t think guys should play white guitars to begin with… ) For instance, try a nice bold color, purple being my personal favorite. I also knew a girl who had a really cool flower print strap. As long as it’s not too fru-fru you can pull it off and still rock with the boys (or better than the boys).

    And, Jason, sounds like you’re in need of a makeover (of the guitar accessory variety, nothing personal!) 😉 The first consultation is free. 😉

  5. A friend of mine at work who’s in a punk band regularly uses a fuzzy pink strap in his band. I keep trying to get worship leaders I know to use one of those, but no luck so far. Sigh.

  6. I wouldn’t mind a fuzzy pink strap, but then again, one of my guitars is black and pink and I’m not in a band of any kind, so the fuzz would probably bug me practicing.

    I just stick with a simple black canvas strap for now. Might switch to black leather at some point. I have a hard enough time getting dressed right without having to worry about my strap too. Maybe I’ll get there someday

  7. i dig the fashion tip #1.5! hahaha!

  8. dude, about time!
    my straps and guitars are fine thought…tnx to my girly!!!!!!

  9. I play a redsunburst Les Paul and have a black strap. My philosophy is that I have a friggin’ awesome guitar, and don’t want a strap to distract from it! 🙂 heh, I approached my strapping situations looking for one that fades into the background.
    Thanks Naz!
    Appreciate it!

    For anyone else needing their “fix” of guitar stuff, I just started my Blog (inspired by WGG here). So you maybe you can get what you are looking for there!

  10. I have a plain leather strap that doesn’t distract from my pretty guitar.

    I once had a gorgeous buckskin strap, but I sold it along with the guitar it was attached to – one of the decisions I most regret. Should’ve just gone hungry for a week.

  11. Its all about a teal guitar! I think thats almost exactly the same telecaster as mine!

    I personally use a black and white checked strap with my teal guitar, and I break the rules and have a black strap with my brown acoustic 😛

    but that said………a bright red strap with a natural coloured guitar like my friend has is a no no!

  12. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a black strap – it will look good with anything, even a brown acoustic (I have two brown acoustics, one pale brown and one a dark reddy brown, both of which are fine with black straps).

    However the reverse is not true – pairing a brown strap with a black guitar is not a good look.

  13. When I repainted my guitar I had to get just the right strap to go with my strange paint job. I found one that was just the right color, but I also was looking for one that was just right on the other side. don’t overlook how a guitar strap will feel when you play shirtless.

  14. Oh, Naz2, most of the guitarists I know should never play shirtless! Fortunately I don’t know of too many worship settings where that will be an issue. 😉

  15. I’d love to invite you to upload any original songs that are well produced to It’s a place for your songs to be heard and for you to be able to sell downloadable mp3’s rhythm charts, etc.


    Holland Davis


  17. I play a Strat & Paul through a Mesa Boogie Mark IIB head into an old Fender 2X12 cabinet. Onstage it is HEAVENLY! Such great tone! I play in a 4-piece blues band and an 8-piece horn band ala Tower of Power. No problems whatsoever. Now, when I play in my church worship band, they put the cabinet backstage and mike it. We use the Avion in-ear monitors and the feed that I get back through the in-ear system is HORRIBLE! I cannot listen to that awful, tinny, out-of phase, thin, noise. I usually pull the e5’s out of my ears and just listen to the house mix. Everybody else in the band asks me why my guitar is so thin and tinny (awful!) House mix is OK but the Avion is simply unlistenable to me. My guitar & amp do not sound like that and it’s very distracting to my worship. I’ve been playing for 40+ years and have never had to listen to such awful foldback. On the Avion controls I roll off all of the treble and boost the bass up all the way and I still cannot listen. Everybody seems to think that the Avion is great…Do you have any thoughts on this?

  18. Black nylon on the Silver Strat
    Brown Embossed Gibson leather on the Honeyburst Les Paul
    Fender black/brown on the B-Bender Tele
    Black Leather on the Conklin Maple top 5 St Bass
    Brown Leather on the Conklin sunburst ash fretless
    brown leather on the Wynn Mandolin
    Beige leather on the Ovation Red Balladeer
    Black Nylon on the Ibanez Classical
    Junky Red nylon on the junky black Firebird
    Nice Orange-ish leather on the tobacco Firebird
    Brown Leather on the Electric Upright should I strap it on
    strap locks on EVERYTHING, Schallers on the factory guitars, Dunlop recessed on the Basses.
    I would rather my shoes match my shirt than my guitar strap, but I agree, the red w/suns had to go!
    Jim Cox
    SW Missouri

  19. Scar strap – its always gonna be a sartorial minefield

  20. I meant scary!!!

  21. Where has this site gone? No posts in 2 months come on.

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