Posted by: worshipguitarguy | August 12, 2008

Any input?

Okay, I haven’t updated my own blog in what feels like forever, but here I am crashing WGG’s blog again to keep up with the demand for new posts.  However, I’m not quite sure what to post about, so I could use your input.

Keep in mind that my knowledge of all things guitar related is minimal to say the least – so be creative but not impossible for me.  I’ll pick the best and give you a post…  unless WGG beats me to it.




  1. Hey Dude – posts on getting the most out of your gear are always good. For example, how to dial in a good amount of reverb but not too much. When should/shouldn’t you use reverb on a guitar?

    Trying new delay patterns etc.

  2. Pedal Boards Pedal Boards Pedal Boards

  3. Honestly, I’d like to know what WGG is doing that’s got him so busy. All of his previous content is gold, and he’s already covered a lot, so there’s not much I really want to learn about unless he’s got something cool to talk about.

  4. I second the delay/reverb topic. I need to buy a few pedals for my guitar and am thinking about the verbzilla for atmospheric effects, and the dd-20 for delay.
    Just my .02

  5. How to set delay to jive nicely in various song settings. What about a song in a 4 feel verses a 3 (or 6/8) feel? Do you tap in a tempo that’s “3 against 2” or what?

  6. ok, here’s one a lot of people hate. the importance of quality lead guitar playing. What i mean is, a post regarding the importance on become an exceptional lead player because we should be the “head and not the tail” and not lead players who know 1 scale and the same old chords in different positions to sound higher then the acoustic although these things are important… I play lead and it makes me sad to see guitar players who don’t think to believe God deserves the best guitar playing it he world. they seem to think that because God knows our hearts then we can be mediocre in what we do. sad sad sad, and then when trying to be good we are criticized for being too ambitious and we are asked to seek the Lord about it…thing is, often times we already did…

    All of this is being said after taken consideration of the fact that there is a time and a place for everything. Worship isn’t the place for “showy” playing i COMPLETELY AGREE. i am a worship leader and i dislike a showy player too however, as a lead guitar player i believe in the drive and desire to be excellent.

    hope that helps!
    i’d love to hear your thoughts on this and i would love to see people’s comments on it too, if it ever becomes a concept worth writing about.


  7. Thanks Naz!

    How about your (from a layman?) perspective on what effective worship playing is to you. We can discuss effects, chords etc… all day, but what has given you the “shivers” when worshiping- what sounded good that you thought “they guys were great today, and I almost forgot they were there”?

    What sounds/effects/songs touched you, and what was the performance?
    We all basically know what guitarists etc… like to hear, but what about you?

  8. Thank you, Larry!! I think I could come up with something like that should I play blog pirate again – though it’s good that WGG finally posted.

    Apparently you’re the only one who read any of my previous posts or the line saying I know next to nothing about guitars. But if I have to write a post in the future maybe I’ll try to cover all of the above topics and watch hilarity ensue. 😉 Now I’m off to read WGG’s post…

  9. I would love for you to finish your series on Worship Guitar chords. Maybe talk a little about chord voicings.

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