Posted by: worshipguitarguy | August 14, 2008


I know, I’ve not been around here much lately… and I have to apologize to all you faithful WGG readers for my lack of contributions.  To fill you in on what’s happening…

My job has taken up more time in the past year than I’ve expected… since most of us “amateurs” have day jobs.  Mine is being the head of an Information Technology Department for a series of non profit organizations in the city I live in.

More importantly though, I’ve experienced an even bigger change in my faith journey.  A little over a year ago, I pursued an opportunity that took me to a new community of faith… I went from a suburban evangelical megachurch to a traditional mainline church in the heart of the city.  For a worship guitar player, it’s been a huge shift since Sunday mornings now include songs by guys named Handel, Luther and Bach, played on a century old pipe organ instead of a worship team singing Crowder, Tomlin and Redman.  This change has stretched me to see worship in new ways, a change I’ve grown to appreciate.

This change has been wonderful in several ways though.  Earlier this year, I worked with a couple small churches to develop their worship teams.  The experience reminded me of the challenges that you worship leaders in smaller churches face.  Also, a big reason for my church move was to work with a youth ministry team that I’m very close to.  In the next year, I’ll be surrounded by some of the most talented yet humble student musicians/worship leaders I’ve ever been around.  I’m sure some of our experiences through that process will filter into posts here.


With all that said, one of these days I will finish up those posts on chord selections…  In the meantime, keep those questions coming!  What I’ll try to do is answer them from my perspective, and hopefully spark some good discussion from everyone on their thoughts.  And maybe Naz will give us some more fashion advice along the way… because I definitely need it. 😉



  1. Sounds like a HUUUUGE change in church. what is it there that you like? just curious, not judging . It seems like a dramatic 180. i could be wrong. anyways i have appreciated your take on worship guitar and in fact has made me a better player. God bless

  2. Honestly Chris, it was a big change. The two factors behind it were that the youth pastor I’d worked with for the past 10 years had just accepted the youth position there, and the congregation there has a huge heart for ministry to the less fortunate within our community. The staff at the church have been absolutely exceptional, which is something I appreciate.

    I am looking forward to working with developing youth worship leaders though. Our youth worship band is learning and doing the same stuff we talk about here, and I have some gifted musicians, the likes of which I’ve never seen before as teenagers. So I’m looking forward to everything!

  3. I moved from Nashville – a megachurch with 300 youth group and a lead player in a rockin’ band- to a small community church in Puerto Rico (a traditional catholic community, but doing the wesley thing). Its a dramatic change, and not just from rock to latin. Differing hymns, strange rhythms, everything…. and the whole church is 300, so i can’t just crank the Les Paul like I used to. I’ve had to learn a jazzy style and really get close to our musicians as they are all small time players with limited abilities. I went from playing with pro players and learning lots and jamming for the sake of jamming, to begging some one that though the song has a G, C, D– we can play a Bm and it be okay. The response was “Bm is too hard”.
    Its a good change, as I’ve been challenged to fit into the new style, and to help bring them to a higher level.
    God bless!
    check out my discussion on effects order currently going on at (cheap plug, i know)

  4. Larry, this is not guitar related, but I made a move like that once in my life… well, twice sorta, but the first one specifically was quite a challenge. Big church in the US to small church in Argentina – no heat or AC in the building, everything in different rhythms, language, etc. All I can say is that after the transition shock wore off, it proved to be one of the most rewarding times in my life. So keep it up and see how God moves and changes you!

  5. Thanks naz… and I’m still looking at replacing my dull, black strap. Praise God we have A/C though! HA!
    Dios te bendiga!

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