Posted by: worshipguitarguy | November 11, 2008

WGG has moved!

WGG has moved from this location to it’s own hosted webspace at!  If any of your feeds point to this location, you’ll want to change them to get the latest content from WGG!



  1. A great site full of resources for guitarists, inspiring stories, recordings and a blog on famous composers.

  2. I cannot get to the new site, I click on the link or put the new address in my browser bar and get sent to the same site.


  3. the link is not working for me either

  4. This really is a great site for a lazy guitarist like me. Played in a band for years and hoping to do it bit more and feeling inspired.

    Graeme Davidson

  5. Hi,

    It seems like this site hasn’t been updated for a while, but I read through the last few posts and found some very valuable information there, especially for those of us who are living in one bedroom apartments struggling to find God through music, music through God, trying to earn a living playing a musical instrument, or just starting out on the Guitar like yours truly, and for that I thank you.

    Along the lines of Christian Worship and considering that the Pope himself recently condoned the Beatles as spiritual music, I thought it might be fitting to post a link to a website I’m working with that features the music of the Beatles. Here’s the link: I Hope you guys and gals enjoy the videos.


  6. Also, if you are interested in guitar lessons for beginners, please check out our main website,


  7. lol.. Very nice .
    Quiero ver videos cristianos y escuchar musica cristiana.

  8. is the site working? it didn’t seem to for me…. hope you keep this going. good stuff.

  9. Hey, what happened to worshipguitarguy. I’ve been looking around to try to find the new site and I can’t find anything? Anyone know?

  10. Where have you gone dude!? I get a link back to this site, with no posts since ages ago. I always enjoyed reading your tips and tricks from a guitarists point of view.

  11. How do I get to the new site?

  12. It seems that my u201cYou reap what you sowu201d comment has inspired you to write your heart out.nFortunately, I have the most loving parents, Click

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