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wgg-about.jpgSome musicians have a natural God-given ability for playing. 

I’m not one of them. 

When I picked up the guitar for the first time (at eighteen years old), I had little background in music.  It was a warm June night in 1995 and I was sitting in my friend’s bedroom while he played Van Halen riffs on a $100 no name electric.  That night, something grabbed me about the guitar.  Maybe it was the unconquered challenge of learning music.  Maybe it was the power behind an overdriven chord.  Or maybe it was just rebellion from growing up in a very strict Christian school… (nah… =) )  Regardless, that night I knew I had to learn to play. 

So I begged my friend to teach me, and to his credit, he had patience beyond my imagination.  But I was bad… real bad.  I had no concept of rhythm. I couldn’t figure out how to chord or strum properly.  And it would have been easier for me to go to the moon than to learn lead guitar.  My parents suffered through hours (and years) of torturous practice.  I often wonder why they didn’t pay me to put the thing down and never pick it back up again.  Those first four years of playing were terrible.  But I stuck with it, if only through sheer stubborness and persistence. 

Somewhere along the journey, there were several awesome musicians that gave me the chance to develop my playing.  In me, they saw potential, and put me in places where I could develop it.  I played in worship bands, youth praise bands, bible study bands, pretty much everywhere I could for a couple of years.  Sometimes it was wonderful, other times very humbling.  But through the highs and lows, God taught me so much about worship.               

So here I am, ten years down the road in my journey with the guitar.  I developed this site to give other worship guitarists (and musicians), a practical place to hang out and learn about playing in a church setting.  Much of my knowledge comes through trial and error since there weren’t many resources for me to learn from.  I’ll admit that I’m not the greatest guitarist, there are alot of guys (and girls) out there who can play circles around me.  But I’m particularly passionate about helping people who are on this journey with me.  My hope is that this site will be a place to share what worship guitar has taught me, and to open a dialog about how to best use our talents in worship. 

So welcome.  Pull up a seat, grab your favorite guitar and hang out for a while.  But remember, no matter where you’re at as a player, God can use you and your music for His glory.

My playing is proof of that.


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