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Worship Guitar Chords Exposed!: The Key of C

Among guitar players I know, C is probably the least popular of the five CAGED chord forms, but it is still a very useful voicing.  I often joke about the C forms being the cowboy or southern gospel forms, since I’ve found them throughout both traditional country music and it’s Christian quartet based cousin. (The reason I know this is many of the musicians I play with come out of southern gospel family backgrounds.  Fortunately, they “Saw the Light” though, no pun intended. 😉  )

If you’re looking for something different in a song you’re playing, take a listen to some old country rhythm patterns, and play around with the C chord positions below.  Read More…

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Worship Guitar Chords Exposed!: The Key of A

Next in our journey through the CAGED Chord forms are the chord positions in the key of A.

I’ve always seen A position chords as the moody or emo chords of worship music.  You can use them in songs that are darker and more contemplative where you don’t want that “happy clappy” feel.  In fact, Matt Redman’s made good use of these chords in some darker songs, like “You Never Let Go” and “Blessed Be Your Name.”  Two more non-worship examples of A position chords in “darker” songs include U2’s “Bad” and “All I Want Is You.” 


Read More…

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Worship Guitar Chords Exposed!: The Key of D

There is nothing quite as blissful as the D chord forms on the guitar. 

The D chord forms are some of the most useful for a guitarist.  In fact, some beginner guitar players stick so much with G and E that they don’t take advantage of the flexibility that D gives them until much later on their journey.  So why are D chord forms so valuable?  Well, a big reason is because you can easily finger many variations that add color to your tone.  I find D position chords to be the most flexible out of the CAGED chord positions.  As an electric guitarist, many of my rhythmic lead parts somehow revolve around D positions chords.  Read More…

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Worship Guitar Chords Exposed!: The Key of E Pt. 2

On to Part 2!

Since a guitar is naturally tuned around notes common to the E scale, there are many other E chord options all over the neck for you to explore.  The ones listed below are common ones I use regularly in my playing to give things a bit of variety.  You can also play some of these alternate positions as a second guitar, playing over someone else who’s strumming root position chords.  The awesome thing about this is you each will be doing something slightly different, adding a fuller sound to the song you’re playing.

Read More…

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WGG Interview @

This weekend, I was interviewed by Chris over at about how to approach the guitar from a sound guy’s perspective…  Here’s a link to the article

If you get the chance, check out the other articles at behind the mixer too.  Chris has a TON of valuable information related to all things sound.

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