Posted by: worshipguitarguy | November 11, 2008

WGG has moved!

WGG has moved from this location to it’s own hosted webspace at!  If any of your feeds point to this location, you’ll want to change them to get the latest content from WGG!

Posted by: worshipguitarguy | November 6, 2008

Changes Pt. 2

For the past two weeks I’ve been playing around with doing some redesign and enhancements to WGG.  Unfortunately, I’ve realized how limited I am in making changes on a “hosted” WordPress account, so I’m in the process of transitioning worshipguitarguy to its own webspace with the open source install of WordPress.  This gives me a ton more freedom, letting me host more media files on the site, making it easier to do site redesigns, and also lets me take advantage of the ton of great plugins created by developers for the wordpress platform. 

I’m planning on completing the migration process about two weeks from now, after all the bugs have been worked out…  the main link to the site will still be, but if any of your RSS feeders or links point to you may need to update them… 

And there will be some more surprises and some awesome new content coming after the site move… 🙂

Posted by: worshipguitarguy | November 3, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Touring as a Christian Artist/Musician Part 1

From time to time, I’ll meet someone that wants to take their talent and heart for worship before audiences all over the world.  For me, conversations like these are always intriguing… and in the process I’ll often ask a couple questions to help me better see the motivation driving their desire.  Sometimes I’ll meet someone with a very clear understanding of the work they want to pursue.  But at other times I’ll hear signals that the person I’m talking to “romanticizes” life in the Christian music industry in a way that doesn’t line up with reality.

Before I go any further let me say that I’ve never played for a major Christian artist, and the extent of my “tours” involve driving an hour or two to help lead worship with various worship leaders I know.  To borrow a line from Bart Millard of MercyMe, my only payment is often “Taco Bell and directions home.”  And I’m perfectly content with that.  But I’m fortunate to have close friends at all levels of the Christian music industry, from the local artist trying to scrape together the cash to record an album to one who’s a band member for a multi-platinum Dove Award winning artist.  Out of discussions with those friends, I’ve learned many things about the joys, struggles and realities of life as a professional musician.  And truthfully, most of them can’t see themselves doing anything but playing music, but at the same time their stories have helped me have a more realistic understanding of what their line of work is like… Read More…

Posted by: worshipguitarguy | October 31, 2008

Changes… Changes…

You may notice WGG doing some funky things today.  Well after over a year I figure it’s time for a site redesign, and unfortunately there’s no good way to do it with (that I’ve found) except to have everyone see every little bit and piece of the process. 

If anyone has any good suggestions of ideas that can be done with WordPress and Sandbox let me know!

Posted by: worshipguitarguy | October 27, 2008

Worship Guitar Chords Exposed!: Wrapping it Up

Ok, let’s wrap this thing up, with a couple of resources:

Worship Chords Exposed Chord Chart:  First, this is a PDF chord chart of all the chords from this entire series.  It’s a nice, neat, clean, handy dandy reference for you to pull from when practicing.

CAGED Reference Chart for the Nashville Number System:  This chart’s a comparative reference for each of the five CAGED keys in relationship to their Nashville Number System numbers.  It’s a quick and easy guide for changing a song’s key and determining which chords to play after the change.

CAGED Keys Back to Back mp3:  Here’s an example of a 1-5-6m-4 chord progression played back to back in each of the 5 CAGED keys.  This gives you a good reference of the unique qualities or voicings each CAGED position brings in relationship to the others.  The progressions are played in the “CAGED” order so it’s C, A, G, E then D.

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